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10 Sun Tattoos That'll Brighten Your Day

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Nothing beats the nice warm feeling of the sun's rays hitting your face. Getting your fix of vitamin D is key, and can really change up your mood from 0-100. However, be sure to practice good sun safety and protect your skin, it's your largest organ! Main themes of sun tattoos include truth and light however, sun tattoos can symbolize a variety of things. If you're looking to bring some light into your life,  check out these 10 radiant inkbox tattoos below!




A design inspired by Mad Sweeney from American Gods.



Every sunrise is an opportunity to brighten someone day.


Cloud Nine

Make every day a cloud 9 kind of day with this classic, minimal design.



The sun is an embodiment of the warmth and positivity that we should always strive for in life.



Find your happiness where the sun shines the brightest.



Soleil is the French translation for “sun”/ Turn your face towards the sun and let your shadows fall behind you.



Live by the sun, and love by the moon.



When you can’t find the sunshine, make your own by rocking this minimal design.



The word Syzygy is used to describe “a conjunction or opposition, especially of the moon with the sun”.



Radieux is French for radiant, bright and sunny. Because some days, you just have to create your own sunshine.


Need more sunshine in your life? No worries, we've got more sun tattoos to combat the winter blues! You can also create your own sunny tattoo on our custom platform, 100% personalized for what you want! 

- Cindy Tran