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Top 10 Moon Tattoos for Lunar Fanatics 🌙

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The sun’s counterpart and our source of light in the night skies, always watching over us while we are deep in our slumbers. The moon has been recognized as a feminine symbol in literature and holds a variety of meanings, one of which is rhythm as it is exemplified by it’s rotating phases. The different phases of the moon each encompass their own meanings, ranging from renewal to enlightenment. You can check out this article for a more in-depth break down of all the moon’s phases and its corresponding meanings. Who wouldn’t want to rock such a meaningful symbol? Here are our top picks for inkbox moon tattoos!



"Smooth talker, moon walker. Christian loui’s my shoes got her "- Gucci Mane



This tattoo is named after one of two moons orbiting planet Mars. Out of the two natural satellites, Deimos is the smaller and furthest from their home planet.



The word "Mangata" is used to describe the glimmering, road-life reflection that the moon creates on the water.



The word "Illume" means to brighten up, or to illuminate. Everyone wants to be the sun to lighten someone's life, but why not the moon to brighten the darkest hour? 



The Moon Stick is one of Sailor Moon’s trusty weapons that she uses to perform the Moon Healing Escalation attack. If you're planing on fighting evil by moonlight and winning love by daylight, make sure to always have this stick on hand! There are plenty more Sailor Moon tattoos where this came from!



Further expanding on the moon’s role as a feminine symbol, this design embodies three female figures. These three figures include the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, all encapsulating a stage in the female life cycle as well as a phase in the moon’s cycle.



Similar to the previous design, this one showcases the various phases in the moon but in a more depth, starting from the new moon and ending with the waning crescent.



“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” - Buddha



Nature is all about balance, and this is exactly what this tattoo encompasses. The sun has a male essence of protection, the moon has a female nature representing renewal, and lastly the star symbolizes the spirit, the magic behind the curtain.



We’re about to get all scientific on y’all, so here’s your fun moon fact of the day! Did you know the moon is the culprit behind high and low tides? The moon’s gravitational force actually pulls on the ocean’s water creating bulging, hence full moon szn = high tide szn.


Sadly our moon tattoo round up has come to an end. If none of these moon tattoos gravitate towards you feel free to check out our other moon themed designs! Or for those who want a more personalized touch, you can create or own sick moon tattoo on our custom platform.

- Cindy Tran