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12 Tattoo Artists to follow on Instagram

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Instagram has become a go-to source for inspiration of any kind, and tattoos are no different. You can turn to Instagram to browse dope designs and discover new tattoo artists. Here's a round-up of some of our favourite artists that are always making us double-tap.


This handpoke artist is based out of Malmo, Sweden. His pieces are simple, yet detailed. Think lots of thin lines and dots. Self-proclaimed feminist, pokeeeeeeeoh’s work includes a lot of gender-equality messages, whether it’s the Venus symbol, or a uterus giving the middle finger. You can shop his exclusive collection with us here.


Ouchieeeeeeeeeoh! Beautiful shit can be vicious as fuck!

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With over 1 million followers, LA-legend Dr. Woo shows off his impressive portfolio of work, all done with a single-needle. “There’s a whole world inside my head,” he says. “I just want to share it.” His tattoos are current yet timeless, and the incredible detail makes them permanent works of art.


Answers are in the ✨✨✨ 👆🏻

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King of the jungle universe 🦁✨

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Sol is a tattoo artist based in Seoul, South Korea. Inspired by watercolours, there’s a softness to these colourful tattoos. Her work is both discreet yet eye-catching. Scroll through her feed and you’ll notice a trend of cat-toos, which might inspire you to dedicate a tattoo to your feline friend.


Spaceman, born April 2016💫 . 발색사진 . #soltattoo#솔타투

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😺😸😼 . #soltattoo#솔타투#studiobysol#스튜디오바이솔

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Heavy, black-lined looks. Minimal, ditched the shading. Some of his work is a touch on the raunchy side, but that keeps things exciting and unexpected. Halsey’s go-to tattoo artist whenever she’s in Toronto. Check out his inkbox collection here.



Chaim Machlev doesn’t shy away from large pieces. The Berlin-based artist uses linework to create masterpieces that are full of movement. His work plays tricks on the eyes and adds dimension to the otherwise blank canvas of the human body.


#dotstolines #Individualized

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#dotstolines #lineart

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Tea Leigh has been a tattoo artist for 4 years, and currently focuses on hand poked tattoos. She finds inspiration in her conversations with clients, and helps “reclaim their bodies from trauma, body dysmorphia, and the male gaze.” She’s based out of Brooklyn, New York and has a background in music, installation art and photography.

New treasures for my dear friend @brixiedust based off of a cross stitch from her friend 🖤

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If you want to mix in some pops of color in your Instagram feed, Zihee’s pieces will do just that. Based in Seoul, Korea, her vibrant tattoos catch the eye, and are largely inspired by nature. While florals are hugely popular for Zihee, there’s plenty of other detailed and dainty imagery to be inspired from.



Alican Gorgu, AKA Pigment Ninja may not have amassed a massive following on Instagram just yet - but we’re convinced this Istanbul-based tattooer is about to blow up. His Instagram feed is filled with collages, which show the image the client brought in, and how Alican simplified it and inked on them. It’s no surprise that he studied Photography, "One day, with my computer, I started drawing on a family photo someone sent me, without showing their faces as in a traditional portrait. I discovered that the main lines and postures of the family members were enough to feel the memory out of it."



The detail is impeccable in Sven Rayen’s work single-needle work. Scroll through his Instagram and you’ll come across everything from Elmo, a pineapple, or the skeletons of a saber tooth tiger. However, he’s most well-known for his geometric animals tattoos.

Fineline sabertooth for Rikkert! Done at @studio_palermo #antwerp #sabertooth #skeleton

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Mr.K / Sanghyuk Ko is currently at the infamous Bang Bang studio in NYC. Doing super fine lines is one thing for a tattooer, but doing them in a detailed design no bigger than a coin? That takes crazy skill. A popular request for Mr. K has been pet portraits the size of a quarter.

his and her 💑 ✨@marcusbutler ✨@stefaniegiesinger #marcusbutler #stefaniegiesinger #mrktattoo #bangbangnyc

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😊 #mrktattoo #bangbangnyc

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Jonathan Valena, AKA JonBoy, estimates that at this point he’s tattooed more than 20,000 permanent souvenirs for people. His big break came when he tattooed a small white dot on Kendall Jenner’s finger. Focusing on small, delicate ink, he’s gotten a lot of attention from the fashion world, as models flock to him to get ink they can easily hide during shoots.

FAQ @jasminegdesai #jonboytattoo

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bang bang @_amandar_ #jonboytattoo

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Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy has inked up Lebron James, Justin Bieber, and Cara Delevingne - to name a few. However Bang Bang wasn’t always surrounded by celebs. Prior to dropping out of high school to pursue tattooing he was working at a Red Lobster. Just a couple months after he made the move to NYC, an 18-year-old Rihanna walked into the shop he was working at. It was only a matter of time that through word-of-mouth and his insane talent that he owns and operates one of the top tattoo shops in the world. The Instagram account is a showcase of all of the artists and guest artists that set-up shop at his place.


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@kevinking.nyc 🖤

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- Deborah Oomen