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15 Gift Ideas for Bae

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Holiday shopping for your significant other can be tough! Seriously, it’s not easy to express how you feel in a gift. This year why not give the gift of self-expression, for you and your partner to wear your hearts on each other's sleeves. Here are 15 gift ideas that'll help express your love and appreciation for bae!



The Louvre is the world’s largest art museum, and a historic monument in Paris, France. It is said that Paris is the city of love and romance.



Don't be afraid, go ahead and wear your heart on your sleeve. Part of our exclusive Chinatown Stropky Collection in collaboration with @chinatown_stropky.



Bafflegab refers to incomprehensible or pretentious language, jargon.


Rigor Samsa

Rigor Samsa refers to a kind of psychological exoskeleton that can protect you from pain and contain your anxieties.



Je t’aime is the French translation for “I love you”. Wear this as a reminder for yourself, your partner, your friend, and your family that they deserve love and you are there to give it.


Never let the fear of what might happen stop you from following your heart.



“Just a little hold’y time for your hands with your hand holding and such.” - @curtmontgomerytattoosPart of our exclusive Curt Montgomery Collection.



Because really, love comes down to the chemistry.



A minimal but powerful design to spread a little love.



“Just a couple plums having a nice kiss time" - @curtmontgomerytattoosPart of our exclusive Curt Montgomery Collection.



That feeling when someone has truly touched your heart.



Libertas is the Latin translation for “freedom”. Sometimes a key means the difference between freedom and confinement.



A design for your loved one, who will forever be yours always.



For those who appreciate a cozy night in together with delivered za and a nice flick. 



We might be old fashioned but how amazing is it when someone takes the time to write you a love letter. Would love for this gesture to come back into play!


Thinking a customized tattoo would be a more meaningful gift for bae? Peep our custom platform to create a tattoo that your significant other will truly appreciate. 

- Cindy Tran