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15 Tattoos from Under the Sea

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Whether you think you were a mermaid in another life, or are simply obsessed with all things oceanic and nautical, these tattoos are for you. From freshwater fish to scary sharks, check out 15 inkbox tattoos from under the sea and click the images to shop!



Koi fish tattoos vary in meaning depending which direction they’re facing. If the fish is facing upstream, this means you’re currently facing a struggle or just just overcame it, and must continue against the current. If the koi fish is facing downstream, you either don’t have the strength to push against current, or have already achieved your goals.



Did you know that when seahorses find a mate they stay with them for life? That’s some serious commitment. They win over their partner by dancing with one another, switching up their colours, swimming and spinning around together. How cute is that??



In the words of Ty Dolla $ign "When I wake up in the morning I roll up and count my money. I’m so wavy, I’m so wavy, I’m so wavy, I’m so wavy"


Sea Dog

Back in the day, some sailors would call sharks “Sea Dogs”, and while the term is a bit out-of-date now, we think “Sea Doggo” could still work. 



This bubbly little buddy is too cute to pass up - guaranteed to make anyone say “awww” that you pass.



Eight Foot

Get inked with one of our OG designs. This bold octopus tattoo is named after the ocean creatures eight tentacles.



This turtle tattoo is inspired by Polynesian tribal art. Turtles can signify good health and a long life, so we like to think that rocking this inkbox will also impart some of those positive vibes to you.



The Siamese fighting fish, or Plakat Betta, is an elegant tropical freshwater fish. Symbolically, they represent a warrior spirit and confrontation of the ego, so set that inner warrior loose!



Did you know that turtles evolved before mammals, birds, crocodiles, snakes, and even lizards? Even though turtles have been on the earth for more than 200 million years, this tattoo will last 8-18 days.


Agua Viva

I don't think you're ready for this jelly... fish. This aquatic design was inspired by the Spanish word for this brainless sea creature. 



Even though it kind of sounds like “ballerina”, “ballena” is the Spanish word for whale. Although now our interest is sparked to see what a whale would look like in a tutu… 



Do you believe you were a mermaid in another life? If you answered “Shell yeah!”, then this inkbox is for you. 



Only a true dolphin-lover would know that “mereswine” is actually another term for this adorable sea creature. This animal isn’t a pretty face though, they’re highly intelligent and its been observed that their brain is surprisingly similar to humans.


Asteer Eidos

The starfish is a symbol of love, vigilance, inspiration, brilliance and intuition. Even though they also symbolize guidance, we wouldn’t recommend asking them for directions.



Advice we should take from a whale; make a splash, always move with grace and beauty, explore the depths of our true nature, think big, and remember to come up for air!

- Deborah Oomen