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Why YOU Want to Work at inkbox!

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Ever wondered what it’s like to work at the world’s fastest-growing tattoo startup? Here’s your sneak peek behind the scenes at inkbox HQ, home to some crazy-talented people and the best work fam out there (we may or may not be biased ☺️). If you like what you see, you're in luck! We've got some shoes to fill on the team and we're always on the hunt for talent. Check out our recent listings here


Once upon a time back in 2014, our co-founders Tyler and Braden Handley (who are brothers FYI) were working out of the Ryerson Fashion Zone - an incubator for new Canadian fashion-related businesses. Fast-forward to 2018 we’ve moved into our second office space and we’re feeling quite at home! As you may have gathered already, we’re far different from the traditional 9-5 office job, which most start-ups are. Everything from our laidback dress code, where we opt for sweats over slacks, to our giant plinko board and the newly-acquired custom arcade machine, we’d say it’s a pretty unique place to work! 


Photo by Gabby Frank via Toronto Life 


Excitement is in the air at inkbox, as we continue to grow this tattoo ecosystem focusing on empowering customers to make good tattoo decisions. We pride ourselves in sticking true to who we are, without the fluff, and being as transparent as possible with each other. Treating our inkbox fam and customers as friends, leading by example, supporting one another, and overall being humble is what we strive for. Sincerity sans the bullshit, you feel?

Take it from Lauren, the Head of Team Culture, who had this to say about working at inkbox. “What makes inkbox the best place to work is honestly the people, the community we have developed here is really special, from the employees to our customers - everyone that has been involved. No joke we’ve created a family here, everyone has each other’s back and it’s been amazing to see our inkfam develop and grow along with the company. No matter what position you hold, or for how long, everyone has a voice, and their opinion matters. Also, where else can I randomly go up to people and start singing without them telling me to shut up?”

What started out as the two Handley brothers, has rapidly grown to a company of over 60 employees (and growing) so individual introductions won't be quite feasible here, but feel free to head on over to our team page to see the friendly faces that make up our inkfam, including two of the OG office pups! 

Photo by Gabby Frank via Toronto Life 


From office snacks to multiple cozy couches, ping pong tables, several gaming consoles and the array of office doggos, it’s hard to even call our space a workplace. But we swear we still get s**t done! Fun fact about inkbox, we recently opened up a permanent tattoo parlor within our office that’s home to two resident tattoo artists, and employees receive a whopping $500 benefit towards tattoos and body art every year! 

For a more in-depth tour of our inkbox HQ, check out this article Toronto Life recently wrote about us that's filled with a generous amount of photos to give you an insider's look into our space. Or if you're up for a MTV Cribs-esque look into our office, we've got you covered with a video for your viewing pleasures, watch down below!

We're part tech company, part beauty brand, part manufacturing facility, and 100% unique. You won't find a company like us. Like what you hear? Good news we're currently hiring and always looking for new talent. If you're interested feel free to browse our current job postings to join the inkfam! 


- Cindy Tran