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Creative Uses for Temporary Tattoos

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Semi-permanent tattoos can be used for so many unique purposes. From party favors to medical aids, the idea behind semi-permanent tattoos—something that goes on the skin, serves its purpose, then goes off—is one that can be used for a ton of purposes.

Check out these creative uses for temporary tattoo technology:

1) Raise a Sick Child’s Spirits

Temporary tattoos are fun. Period. And nobody needs fun more than children stuck in the hospital.  New Zealand tattoo artist Benjamin Lloyd decided to bring his airbrush tattoo skills into Auckland’s children’s hospital last year. His visit went so well that he has since traveled to many medical centers, inking children as a way to boost their confidence.  

Check out these awesome photos of Llyod’s work from Reddit:

If you know a sick child in the hospital, there’s no doubt that grabbing a bottle of our freehand ink and treating him or her to a tattoo session would make things at least a little bit better.


2) Ink Your Wedding Guests

Some couples opt for photobooths, but that’s so 2016. To make your wedding a shindig to remember, hire The Wedding Tattooer to give your guests permanent tattoos.  His name is Robert Fiore, and he’ll come to your wedding and ink your mom, dad, and distant relatives with real tattoos.


If permanent tattoos aren’t really on trend for your Big Day, opt for temporary tattoos instead. They can accentuate your theme or promote the vibe you’re chasing. Treat your guests to a tattoo bar featuring an assortment of our temporary tats, or put out bottles of our freehand ink and let your guests get creative.  

Consider these temporary tattoos as inspiration for bride, groom, and guest temporary tattoos:





3) Tattoo Kids Before Field Trips and Crowded Outings  

It’s every caregiver’s worst nightmare: a child goes missing. On a field trip to the Natural History Museum or a family pilgrimage to Disney World, turn your back for a minute, and it could happen to you. As a safety precaution, you can use temporary tattoos to put a child’s phone number, school, teacher’s name, or other pertinent information in the event he or she wanders off.  Because writing it down and putting it in you kid’s pocket does not cut it. They will find a way to lose it. Ink important information right on your child for total peace of mind. Companies like SafetyTat can help, or use our freehand ink to create totally customized tats for your precious ones.   



4) Ink Yourself or a Loved One With Important Medical Information

Temporary tattoos might just save your life.  Whether you’re diabetic or autistic, have Alzheimer’s or are allergic to peanuts, tatting yourself with important medical information can help those around you give you the help you need.  For an elderly parent suffering from dementia who wanders, temporarily tatting your phone number and address can help get your mom or dad safely home.  For adults on the autism spectrum, saying so via tattoo may help police interact with you in a more effective way if stopped.  And tattooing a child’s allergy on his arm at the beginning of the school year may help new teachers remember your youngster’s restrictions.  Tattoos are fun, but they can also keep you safe. 



If you have any other creative uses for semi-permanent tattoos, let us know! We love hearing from you on Instagram and Facebook.

- Deborah Oomen