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Our Staff Picks

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Here at inkbox, we wear a LOT of tattoos. That being said, there are some designs that have risen above the rest that we can't get enough of. Whether it's something from outer-space, our fave fandom or animal tattoo, here's a round-up of our staff picks!



 Elvis - Fulfillment Coordinator, "This is one of my favourites! I find I always think about how I'm not doing enough or where i wanna be yet, but sometimes you need to stop and realize that You Are Enough and are exactly where you need to be right now"



Ella - Operations Manager - Supply Chain, "He seems very comfortable with himself!"

Filip - Laser Technician, "Sometimes we all feel like an alien who needs a smoke."



 Talia - Marketplace Coordinator, "I love Mikie's use of negative space to create the illusion of a night sky. The mystical, surreal design is beautiful & definitely something I'd get permanently"



Tyler - Co-founder, "It's named after an icon of mine and shows the vastness of the universe."



Nikki - Artist Community Coordinator, "I fell in love with JK Rowling's Wizarding World world when I was growing up and I used to draw this shape on my arms with permanent markers all the time in high school! (This was long before inkbox existed)"



Lauren - Head of Team Culture, "It's badass, its a great size, and it looks super cool on my forearm. The line style compliments my permanent tattoos and people think Vertex is real when i wear it!"



Oshi - Office Doggo and child to Lauren, "Woof! It reminds me of my childhood in British Columbia!"



Tyler - Laser Technician, "Curt Montgomery is setting trends in the tattoo industry with his simple linework. Simplicity is key and Wilty proves this as it is a dominant seller!"




Liam - Partnerships Lead, "I've  always had an affinity towards blade/dagger tattoos. For me, they are symbols of our mortality and, when I wear mine, a not-so-subtle reminder to wake up and enjoy whatcha got in life :)”



Sarah - Director of Experiential Marketing, "Love any type of artwork that involves skulls!" 


Freehand Ink

Zach - Shipping Coordinator, "Because the tattoo possibilities are endless! You want Roman numerals? You got it! You want a flower? Piece of cake! You want bowser riding a shark with flames shooting out of its mouth? No problem!"


Major Tom

Braden - Co-founder, "Because it's OG and named after a rad song."

Stuart - Full-Stack Developer, "I'm a huge fan of space."



Paul - Lead Software Engineer, "I like the design and wearing it abroad to represent Canada!"



Dani - Creator Marketing Coordinator, "She's magically mysterious and totally underrated!"



James - Mechanical Engineer, "It represents how closely connected engineering and nature are and the responsibility that engineers have to design environmentally sustainable products."

- Deborah Oomen