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inkbox x Adobe Design Contest ✍️

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Earlier this Spring, we had an awesome time teaming up with Adobe to bring the #inkboxlove to campuses across the United States! The unique program was designed to teach students how to make inkbox tattoos using Adobe Illustrator and graphic design. Over 200 students participated in the workshops that took place at 10 colleges across the country.


It wouldn’t be an inkbox party without some swag, so students received a bunch of stencilled tattoos and Freehand Ink to unleash their creativity!

Ohio State University even took the opportunity to focus on mental health. Chatting about tattoo therapy, the group weighed in on how creative expression can be beneficial to a student’s metal wellness.


Adobe x Inkbox workshop happening right now in theStudio! #MadeThis #workshop

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After the workshops, students had the opportunity to submit their own inkbox designs for a contest. The artist who received the most votes would become a featured inkbox designer in our worldwide Artist Marketplace! This means having their collection alongside some famous tattoo artists, influencers and YouTubers like Curt Montgomery, Alli Simpson, and Brizzy Voices! Voting between three finalists, our Insta followers voted on the winning design.

 Huge congrats to Clarice Derosia, 22,  who just received her degree in graphic design from SUNY Binghamton University in New York. Predominantly a graphic designer, she also enjoys brand and identity design as well as print design. For the past few years she’s also been working to grow her skills in hand lettering and watercolor. Having not known about inkbox prior to the workshop, Clarice says it's a great opportunity to learn about the company and the design process within Adobe Illustrator firsthand.


Her designs are inspired by positive affirmation and personal growth. The “Let Go” symbolizes letting go of the anxieties and opinions of others that only serve to bog you down. Now that she’s on the inkbox Artist Marketplace, she says we can expect to see more of her designs focused on hand lettering and florals.

Her top tip for beginner Adobe Illustrator tattoo designers? "I like to start by designing to tattoo completely on paper, then I bring a scan of the design into Illustrator and trace it with the pen tool. I prefer using the pen tool over image trace because it allows for more control."

- Deborah Oomen