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inkbox x Curt Montgomery Vol.2

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“You got the shit world in the palm of your shit hand kiddo” - Curt Montgomery

Specializing in minimal black line work, Toronto based tattoo artist Curt Montgomery is back with another exclusive inkbox collection. From cheeky hand gestures to dainty dingers the inkbox x Curt Montgomery Vol. 2 has got you covered. 
Catch him on Instagram @curtmontgomerytattoos and click the images to shop the designs. 
Pinky Dinky
“Don’t ya even damn do it if ya don’t damn mean it kk, damn” 

Broken Banger
“Shit bud better luck next time or probably definitely not”

Flick It
“Are you gunna light that dart er what the friggen heck bud” 
Frigg and Roll
“Rock and obviously ding it up ding dong” 
Globy Times
“You got the shit world in the palm of your shit hand kiddo”

“What do ya keep in there, your blouses? Ha get it? Is this thing on?”
Sassy Sucker
“Just flip em the old finger birdy and see ya the heck later”

Handsy Hippie
“Peace n stuff or whatever the fuck you’re into”
Don't forget to check out @curtmontgomerytattoos on Instagram and tag us if you ink yourself with one of these beauties  @inkbox #inkboxlove #inkbox
- Sarah Harvey