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"Everything is probably going to be kind of OK I think."

Jake is a machine-free tattooer based in Malmö, Sweden. He’s known for his simple designs and horrendous sense of humour. Check out the nine designs he created exclusively for inkbox - all named after a different Swedish artist. You can also check him out on Instagram at @pokeeeeeeeoh


1. Bauer
This cheeky heart doesn't care what you think about it. Get this ink if you wanna say F U, but in a loving way.


2. Korsade
Cross your fingers for good luck, or if they just want to cuddle.


3. Krafft
This nude outline if just sitting, waiting, wishing... for you to wear this ink.


4. Mod


5. Palm de Rosa
We *picked* this pretty ink just for you.


6. Reste Sig
This dainty poppy design has some nice fine lines.


7. Rusa
Did you know that dachshunds were originally bred to hunt badgers—their name literally means “badger hound” (dachs means badger; hund means dog). Their short legs allow them to enter badger dens.


8. Tenggren
If your head's in the clouds, or stars for that matter, this celestial ink is for you.


9. Von Dardel
This little bunny will always been lookin' up at you.


- Deborah Oomen