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Tattoos and Generation Z: Part 4 [DREW]

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Tattoos and Generation Z is all about the opinions and beliefs of humans born in the 90's and 00's. They all carry their own story, embody different statuses, and are inspired by new influences. This 6 part series is meant to provide different perceptions surrounding the art of tattooing. Does the generation you were born in reflect your opinion on tattooing?


PART 4: DREW @drew.doak



Drew is an environmental engineer, a career choice primarily occupied by an older and more conservative demographic. Though his field is more reserved, he was so fascinated by tattoos that he got one similar to the inkbox he received from backing our Kickstarter!



Do you remember the first time you heard of the idea of tattoos?

"The first time I learned about tattoos, I vividly remember thinking the concept was so cool. My uncle, who tattooed his dogs face on his chest, had the first tattoo I remember seeing and I instantly became fascinated and curious about tattoos. I liked the idea of having a personal relic on my body that no one else had, just like my uncle."


I wanted in.

"From a young age, I thought that only the cool or rebellious could had tattoos but I wanted in. As I grew older and started doing more research about tattoos, I knew that I would eventually get at least one. The permanence of them didn’t scare me, instead I felt as though the personalization and creativity behind tattoos were drawing me in."


Why get 1 when you can have 5?

That’s right. I have a total of 5 tattoos, spread out around my body and each hold a different meaning to me. They have been carefully selected and placed to reflect my personality and passions in life.


In your personal opinion, what is society’s perception of people with tattoos now and where do you think it’s heading?

"There is still some stereotyping that naturally occurs towards individuals with tattoos. Not as significant as a decade ago, but you can still feel this underlying judgement associated with the art. Some people make assumptions and believe that people with tattoos are rebellious, naïve, or unprofessional. But at the same time, there are a growing number of people that think ‘Oh, that’s cool! What a unique way to express oneself’.

I think society is going to continue on this ladder path. People are going to become more accustom to this form of expression, whether it be themselves getting tattoos or seeing others with tattoos. Eventually, I hope to see it become widely accepted, even to the extent of strict corporate environments."

- Kaitlyn Uy