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Ways to Get Temporary Tattoo Inspiration

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You know you want a tattoo, but you’re not sure what tattoo you want.  It’s time to consult the interweb.  There’s a wealth of sites out there that will give you all the inspiration you need to home in on the design meant for your skin.  Whether you’re deciding on a design that will grace your body for life or you’re searching for the perfect image to draw with our freehand ink, start by checking out the following:


Reddit has innumerable tattoo posts.  If you’re not familiar with how Reddit works, users create “communities” (aka topics) and then other users can upload content that fits into that category.  Users “upvote” and “downvote” posts, driving the most relevant, intriguing, and useful posts to the top.   

Reddit’s tattoo subreddit is full of personal tattoos and tattoo resources that will inspire you to create your perfect tattoo.  




YouTube is full of channels and individual videos dedicated to tattoos.  A quick search will yield hundreds of results.  Here are some tattoo channels to get your inspiration going:


Quiet Cool Kid

Quiet Cool Kid is a channel that dedicates lots of content to tattoos, particularly Tattoo Talk Tuesday, which features topics like tattoo ideas and inspiration, placement, design copyrighting, memorial tattoos, aftercare, and so much more.  


Tattoo World

This YouTube channel features 3-4 videos every week on tattoo topics like ideas, design, and body modification.  Some recent videos include “Mini & Micro Tattoos To Inspire Your First Ink” and “Beautiful Tattoos Inspired By Famous Works of Art.”  


Romeo Lacoste

Tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste’s YouTube channel features new videos weekly.  This LA-based artist has inked Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Tyler Oakley, among other celebs, and competed on the third season of Best Ink. Among his videos, which range from comical to instructional, are several notable tutorials on how to draw specific characters, like “How to Draw Pikachu” and “How to Draw Dagon Ball Z.



Pinterest is full of inspiration boards for the tattoo lover.  A quick search on Pinterest’s homepage will turn up hundreds of results, like “20 Small Tattoos With Big Meanings” and “25 Book Tattoo Ideas For Bookworms.”  Pinterest was literally made to supply demands like “I need a killer tattoo idea”, so this site is a perfect stop on your body art inspo journey.




Head to Instagram for lots of galleries dedicated to tattoo pics that will inspire your own designs. Some notable accounts to follow:

Tattoos of Insta

Not to be confused with…

Tattoos of Instagram

And be sure to check out specific tattoo artists’ pages, like these standout artists:

Sasha Unisex (@sashaunisex)

Sasha Unisex creates colorful, geometric, and watercolor tattoos that will captivate the eye!



Peter Aurisch (@peteraurisch)

Peter Aurisch inks colorful, Picasso-inspired tats that dazzle in abstract glory!



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And of course, when brainstorming the perfect tattoo design, look at our social media on Facebook and Instagram for a plethora of ideas! 



- Deborah Oomen