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CBInsightsThe CB Insights Startup Gift Guide 2016 - http://bit.ly/2gzp0iz

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FASHION23 Genius Stocking Stuffer Ideas That Are Under $25 - http://bit.ly/2f4m3pC

FASHION - 10 of the most famous celebrity tattoo regrets. http://bit.ly/24m9Koo

VOGUE (Korea) - 인스턴트 타투에 빠져보세요 - http://bit.ly/2rvNREQ

GLAMOUR - There's a Lot Happening with Temporary Tattoos Right Now - And Beyonce Is Involvedhttp://glmr.me/1HuckKY

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Tattoo.com - inkbox: the two week tattoo - http://bit.ly/2EAgVq8

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iHeartCan You Tell Which Tattoos Are Real And Which Are Temporary? - http://bit.ly/2jVKTe6

COSMOPOLITAN - March 2017 US Edition 

Inked - Inkbox Creates Temporary Tattoos That Last Two Weekshttp://bit.ly/1MkN4Pi

mental_floss - Temporary Tattoos That Appear Like Magic On Your Skinhttp://bit.ly/1Mf0tIy

BetaKit - Inkbox Raises $1 Million Seed Round from KGC Capital, Survivor Host Jeff Probsthttp://bit.ly/2aiZrNy


BetchesCOMMITMENT-FREE TATTOOS ARE THE NEW BLACK - http://betches.co/2aSmcdq

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Flare18 Passive-Aggressive Gifts That Say What You Cannot - http://bit.ly/2gOfwNq

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TAXIInnovative, Impressively Realistic Tattoos That Last For Only Two Weekshttp://bit.ly/1Hxn9f7

MetroNew tattoos (no, not henna) last just two weeks so you don’t have to live with regrethttp://bit.ly/1DAyRL4

Metro - A Business Model That's Temporaryhttp://bit.ly/1KoEdW9

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COSMOPOLITAN - These Tattoos Only Last For Two Weeks! http://bit.ly/1MktR02

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UnwrittenTwo Week Tattoos: Finally Ink For Those With Commitment Issues - http://bit.ly/1MBrfuT

TechvibesInkbox Creates Affordable Two-Week Tattooshttp://bit.ly/1MmxZN2

TechvibesAngelList Launches Intros for Canada - http://bit.ly/2ummm32

Breakfast TelevisionToronto’s localist-at-large Gracie Carroll shares local foods, fashion and more - http://bit.ly/1NxBEHp

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Toronto SunCanadian duo debuts skin-based temporary tattoos - http://bit.ly/1MGoFzp

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Huffington Post Style CanadaToronto Brother’s Design ‘Inkbox’ Temporary Tattoos That Look And Feel Real http://huff.to/1CTVIAP

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Toronto Life - Trend Report: The Best of Fall Stylehttp://bit.ly/1G4uIQy

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NotableToronto Brothers Have Invented ‘Two Week’ Tattoos That Look Like the Real Thing http://bit.ly/1MoErTD

Verge CampusTemporary Tattoos That Don’t Suck! TAT IT UP with INKBOX! - http://bit.ly/2aGYI7i

BlogTOToronto startup reinvents temporary tattoos http://bit.ly/1gQhvzz

TokyoWise - カナダ発、2週間で消えるオーガニックタトゥー「インクボックス」が 日本販売本格始動。- http://bit.ly/2qXOOXC

AFP - カナダ発2週間で消えるオーガニックタトゥーのインクボックスが日本販売記念イベントを開催!http://bit.ly/2rRUClO

InStash - Inkbox Unveils Awesome 2 Week Temporary Tattoos - http://bit.ly/1SciGGL

JustKiddingNewsBrothers Use Fruit To Invent An Organic And Temporary Tattoo - http://bit.ly/1Y0oYNy

Plaid Zebra - These Toronto Brothers have designed a tattoo that only lasts two weeks -  http://bit.ly/1NiNc15

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NOW TorontoTattoos For People Who Can’t Commit To Tattoos http://bit.ly/1Kmnp8g

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Retail Insider - Yorkdale’s CONCEPT Launches Unique 2nd Rotationhttp://bit.ly/2qWG7jh

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The Toronto TribuneToronto Start-up Will Give You A Two Week Tattoo: Inkbox Tats Selling Like Hotcakes - http://bit.ly/1GumpbG

No Solo TendenciasInkbox: Tatuajes que sólo duran 2 semanas ¡Ahora no tienes excusas! - http://bit.ly/1Nj8xcQ

ULifestyle - 2星期自動腿色!簡單5步無痛紋上清新小刺青 任意紋身不怕後悔 - http://bit.ly/2eiWDzn

Hers21 -【时尚】2星期纹身,不痛不痒,想换就换!http://bit.ly/2eAIjGa

New For YouGet That Badass Tattoo But Without the Commitment - http://bit.ly/2f3ACHq

The Moss Magazine - The brand new temporary tattoo that will wreak havoc!http://bit.ly/1YwcFb9

Selling to the MassesInkbox, the Two Week Tattoo: Unleash Your Inner Rebel - http://bit.ly/1JwbzXL

noizztökéletes tetkó "még fontolgatók"-nak. Majdnem, mint az igazi - http://bit.ly/2w4f0RM

Maison SlashDoe eens zot en zet een fruitinkt tattoo - http://bit.ly/2eV07Nb

A Day Magazine看起來不再那麼假:強調真實感的 Two Weeks Tattoo 迷你刺青貼紙 - http://bit.ly/1IRKoVk

News Ledge - No Ragrets Thanks to the inkbox Tattoo Trialhttp://bit.ly/1IYQyjx

Bien.huPont olyan, mint az igazi – Tetkó, ami két hét után eltűnik - http://bit.ly/1PcyHOJ

Be - inkbox Brings Us Ingenious 2-Week Tattoos That Look Realhttp://bit.ly/1FUCEE1

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reblogFeltalálták a bizonytalanok tetoválását! - http://bit.ly/1LdX10D

CaffeinaTatuaggio sì ma per tutta la vita è troppo? Ecco quello (tutto naturale) che scompare dopo due settimane - http://bit.ly/1gVe0aO

P3 - Estas tatuagens orgânicas duram apenas duas semanas - http://bit.ly/1NKQwjl

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Sweettooth RewardsHow to Promote Your eCommerce Store with Instagram - http://bit.ly/2kSMFv7

MemeHK有效兩星期印水紙 有得轉款嘅紋身 - http://news.memehk.com/posts/9720

Beautistas - inkbox, les tatouages qui durent 2 semaineshttp://bit.ly/1hzA8rY

MenClub - 唔知點解男人去到某個年紀突然就會叮一聲想整返個紋身,但往往都係驚自己一時衝動,將來想整甩就麻煩。不過最近有人喺kickstarter用有機生果造紋身轉印貼紙,過程唔痛兼且2個星期就甩,唔怕後悔啦。- http://bit.ly/1INvrkZ

Tiempo - Inkbox: El primer Tatuaje Que Aparece Por Si Solo En La Piel Y Dura Dos Semanashttp://bit.ly/1L1LilH

news.now -〈好潮〉可以維持兩星期的「有機紋身」- http://bit.ly/1IQeFBU

Tonight.deDieser Tattoo-Trend geht nicht unter die Haut - http://bit.ly/1IYQOiv

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Unlock Meninkbox สติ๊กเกอร์แทททูชนิดแรกของโลก ที่อยู่ติดตัวได้นานถึง 2 สัปดาห์ - http://bit.ly/1KgfBiZ

WebTeknoGeçici Dövme Konusunda Efsane Ürün: Inkbox http://bit.ly/1f3GM7V

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HK01 -【有片】創企研短效、無痛紋身 獲注資八百萬明年面世 - http://bit.ly/2a9jzVV

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FeberInkbox är temporära tatueringar som varar i två veckorhttp://bit.ly/1IPempY

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NSMBLIdeaal voor de twijfelaar: een tatoeage voor twee weken (en nee, geen plak-tattoo!)http://bit.ly/1gR75A6

LifeboxsetTienes que probar estos tatuajes increíbles que solo duran 2 semanas - http://bit.ly/1Mb5FMa

Miss - Diese Tattoos Halten Nur 2 Woochen (Sehen Aber Aus Wie Echt) - http://bit.ly/1IxcJxR

Kenh14Hình xăm dán kéo dài 2 tuần nhưng sắc nét như thậthttp://bit.ly/1IscxST

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La StampaTatuaggio senza rimpianti: alla frutta e dura 2 settimane - http://bit.ly/1KVsBxn

Fiidi - Veljekset keksivät tatuoinnin, joka pysyy iholla vain kaksi viikkoa! - http://bit.ly/1NgaEts

SabadoA tatuagem de duas semanashttp://bit.ly/1MT3Wwl

ADNKronosIl tatuaggio a scadenza: identico a uno vero e sparisce in due settimane - http://bit.ly/1Jp9nTg

Noticiasaominuto - Inkbox: Tatuagens, mas sem compromissohttp://bit.ly/1IOgbn0

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Elle Canada Magazine - July 2015

The Collective Magazine Issue 22 (June 2015)

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