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Our Story, Skin Deep

What happens when you want a specific tattoo but know that future-you wouldn't approve? Two things can happen:

  1. You can get the tattoo and leave future-you with regret.
  2. You can leave your skin alone and miss out on the art and self expression that comes from wearing the tattoo.
This is the problem we faced. It bothered us that such an ancient form of self-expression hadn’t seen any technological innovation in generations. Most specifically, why wasn't their an option for wearing a true temporary tattoo - one that gave you the look and feel of a traditional tattoo, without any of the commitment?

This is exactly what we set out to develop.  

After months of research we came across indigenous tribes deep in the jungles of Panama who, for thousands of years, have been tattooing their skin with the pulp of a fruit. They call it Genipapo or Huito. 

We worked with these local tribes to bring this ancient form of tattooing into the future. We call it inkbox™.

We're proud to donate a percentage of every sale to support these tribes through the Darien Initiative.

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Tyler Handley

Brother of Braden Handley.

Braden Handley

Brother of Tyler Handley.

Our Team

Ethan Steip - Operations Manager. He gets your orders out the door, and puts Siracha on basically everything...except your orders of course! 

Louise Hucal - Chief Financial Officer. We call her Captain Crunch because she's always crunchin' numbers.

Tyler Rehberg - Fulfillment and Operations Coordinator. He gets your orders out the door. He's the most tatted up on the team, and thus the most badass.

Kaitlyn Uy - Business Development. Just look at that hair flip! Looks like a lion's mane.

Mike Maleszyk - Sales & Marketing Director. Seen ads for inkbox? Seen inkbox in stores? That's Mike at work. What you don't see is the oodles of scraggly chest hair.

Diandra Urech - Community Manager. She's the glue that holds the inkbox team and the Tattoo Ambassador Tribe (TAT) together.  If you need someone to livin' up an event then she's your girl.

Brodie Mazurek - Business Development. 

Chris Caputo - Research and Development Director. The mad-scientist behind the science. 98% Dr. Jekyll, 2% Mr. Hyde...we are a tattoo company after all. 

Nicole DiBiasio - Creative Outreach and Design. She designs ALL THE THINGS! 

Motley - part-time office dog (we share her with our friends at Soapbox). Follow us on snapchat for regular doggy updates.