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Tips N' Tricks


We want your tattoo to last as long as possible and look great, so we put together a list of helpful tips.



Your inkbox™ tattoo will look dark anywhere from 12-24 hours after application. It will reach its peak darkness around 36 hours after application.



inkbox tattoos don’t work well on dense hair. Small amounts of hair are fine, but if people refer to you as ‘hairy’ or ‘Chewbacca-like’ then you might want to shave before application. 


Choose your Location

inkbox tattoos, because you need to apply firm pressure, are much easier to apply on certain areas of the body. We suggest a hard-flat part of your body like your inner forearm or upper thigh. These locations are easy to apply the necessary pressure. If you want to put a tattoo somewhere like your back then we suggest you have a friend help out. 



Different Shades

Everyone's tattoo will have its own unique shade, though it will always be black/dark navy-ish. We're not putting an ink on top of your skin, but rather sinking a formula into your skin. The color you see is the result of a chemical reaction. 

For the same reason, different areas of the body result in slightly different shades. Typically, the lighter the skin the lighter the tattoo and vice versa. 


Most inkbox tattoos look good for around 8-18 days. Some will last longer and some will fade quicker.

The length of your tattoo depends on multiple factors:

  • Daily activity 
  • Your skin (it's a complex organ!)
  • How much pressure you applied during application
  • Location of tattoo

Here's a helpful guide to the longevity of your inkbox tattoo based on where its applied:



Showering + Swimming

Avoid heavy scrubbing in the shower to ensure your tattoo stays on as long as possible. You can also apply Vaseline or moisturizer before showering. 

If you want your tattoo to appear quicker then you can take a hot shower around 6-12 hours after application. You'll notice a significant increase in your tattoos development.

Swimming won't destroy your tattoo, though it may lessen the amount of time it lasts, especially if you're swimming in salt water (it's abrasive).



When sleeping the night after your application make sure to keep your tattooed area away from the rest of your body. For example, if you have a tattoo on your wrist and you sleep with your wrist under your head you will transfer the tattoo to your face! Washing the area before bed will help prevent this.  



Though you can’t remove your tattoo immediately, you can exfoliate twice per day to accelerate its disappearance. We find it best to rub the tattoo area aggressively with the tips of your fingers in the shower. You should be able to get rid of it in 5-7 days. 

Around the 12-16th day your tattoo might look faded enough that you want to remove it. At this stage you should be able to remove it in 2-3 exfoliations.

Evening Out

Though most tattoos will fade evenly, we've experienced some that don't. If your tattoo is fading unevenly then you can use your thumb to rub the darker areas until the color looks even again. This is best done in the shower. 



If you experience redness it’s likely from peeling the adhesive too quickly or in the opposite direction of hair growth. This is referred to as “skin stripping” - a peeling of your epidermis, which is common with adhesives like bandages. The redness will disappear in 1-3 days as your skin re-generates. Contact us at info@getinkbox.com if you experience pro-longed redness.


Wrist or Hand Tattoos

If you look closely at your wrist or the back of your hand you'll notice distinct grooves in your skin - ones that are much deeper than on other areas of your body. It's generally best to avoid applying to an area of skin where you have noticeably deep grooves. The formula will naturally seep under the adhesive through these deep ridges, leading to some leakage.

To help circumvent this you can stretch your skin during application. When applying to the inside of your wrist make sure to pull your hand back so that your knuckles move towards your arm. If applying to the back of your hand pull your hand down to your wrist, like you're shooting a basketball.


Things to avoid!

  • Scrubbing the tattoo instead of rinsing gently.
  • Folding the towel smaller than a 4x4 square.
  • Moving around during application.
  • Mistaking 15 minutes for 15 seconds.
  • Leaving the white backing on.
  • Leaving the black/blue topper on.


*CAUTION* Do not leave on skin for more than 15 minutes. Do not re-apply inkbox over a previous inkbox. Doing either will increase risk of skin irritation.